Tahnna'Whanna Star System

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System: Tahnna'Whanna

Affiliation: UFP

Star Type: K0V (Orange Main Sequence)

Planets: 12

  • [[Tahnna'Whanna I]]: Class-A
  • [[Tahnna'Whanna II]]: Class-B
  • [[Tahnna'Whanna III]]: Class-B
  • Tahnna'Whanna IV: Class-M
  • [[Tahnna'Whanna V]]: Class-L
  • Tahnna'Whanna VI: Class-P
  • [[Tahnna'Whanna VII]]: Class-J
  • [[Tahnna'Whanna IIX]]: Class-J
  • [[Tahnna'Whanna IX]]: Class-J
  • [[Tahnna'Whanna X]]: Class-J
  • [[Tahnna'Whanna XI]]: Class-K
  • Tahnna'Whanna XII: Class-C
  • Tahnna'Whanna XIII: Class-C
Other Stellar Objects:
Artificial Objects:
  • Communications Relays and Sensor Probes
  • Orbital Anchorage
  • Baju'ekjil
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