Outpost Phoenix

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Welcome to the Tahnna'Whanna Sector!

Welcome to OPX! Outpost Phoenix is a chat-based Roleplaying Game (or 'Sim') set in the Star Trek Universe that meets every Sunday at 1500EST/1200 PST/2000 UTC. We are an active, non-affiliated, live sim group that has been active since 2000. With over 20 Years of History, OPX has a deep and rich history to delve into and explore. We have openings in every department. If you're interested in joining please email moc.liamg|eizrAFSU#moc.liamg|eizrAFSU!

Outpost Phoenix

Outpost Phoenix's mission is to provide safety and security to the Tahnna'Whanna System, to make first contact and bring trade opportunities in and near the Tahnna'Whanna Sector within easier reach of the United Space Federation, expand the Federation's scientific and cultural knowledge, and to provide the most exciting Star Trek Roleplay experience available. Welcome to Outpost Phoenix!

Check out these subdirectories for more information on life the Tahnna'Wahnna Sector:
Crew Logs, Current Roster, Lifeforms, Locations, Mission Briefings, Races

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Outpost Phoenix
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A view of Outpost Phoenix as seen from the Southeast.

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Crew Help Articles

  • A list of Standing Orders has been published for the convenience of the crew.


OPX Simming Tutorial

OPX Wiki Publishing Tutorial

'When Will I Get Promoted?'


In the course of developing OPX and the Tahnna'Wahanna Sector, we've all come across interesting and useful resources. The repository for those helpful links can be found here.

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